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If, like me, you use PowerPoint to design your blog, social media, and other images, it’s important to know how to save PowerPoint slides as images. Thankfully, that’s super easy to do and what I get into in this post and video.
Watch the video above, or keep reading to find out how to save PowerPoint slides as images.

Step 1: Save Your File as a PowerPoint File

By default, it’s no big surprise that your PowerPoint presentation will save as PowerPoint. But I wanted to point this out to you because it’s important to first save your presentation in PowerPoint format before saving the slides as images. This matters because you can’t easily edit photos, but you can easily edit slides. If you notice a typo and want to correct it, or if you notice anything else that you need to change, it’s super easy to do in PowerPoint.

There are two main ways to save your PowerPoint presentation.

Start Your PowerPoint Presentation in OneDrive

The easiest way to go about this whole process is to start your PowerPoint presentation inside of OneDrive. Since OneDrive files save automatically, you don’t have to worry about saving the presentation, even after you make changes.

To start a presentation in OneDrive, simply log into your OneDrive account. Create or go into the folder where you want to save the PowerPoint file, and then create a new PowerPoint file as shown in the image below.

Saving PowerPoint Presentations as Images


Start a PowerPoint Presentation on Your Desktop and Save it to Your Computer or OneDrive

The other option is to open up PowerPoint on your computer, and then save it to your computer or to OneDrive. I recommend saving to OneDrive so that any changes you make to it save automatically. This also makes it possible to access the presentation from any computer or mobile device.

First, click on File, and then Save As as shown in the images below.


How to Save a PowerPoint slides as Images

Be sure to put in a file name and select the folder where you want to save the presentation. Otherwise, it may be hard to find the presentation later. (Guess how I know?)

Step 2: Save Your Presentation as Images

Now the good news is, you use the same basic process for saving your presentation as images as you do when you save your slide deck in PowerPoint format. The only difference is that instead of saving it as a PowerPoint presentation, you select one of the image formats when doing “Save As.” As an example, when you click on File, and then Save As, select an image file type such as JPG or PNG.

how to save PowerPoint as a JPG

Save All PowerPoint Slides as an Image or Only One

When you select JPG or PNG, a dialog box will pop up that says, “Which slides do you want to export? All slides, or just this one.” Let’s say that you had a PowerPoint presentation with several slides, you might only want to save one of the slides as an image or you might want to save all of them as images. This is a matter of personal preference and also depends on how you want to use the various slides. As an example, if I’m creating slides to use in a video,

I typically make all of the PowerPoint slides that I want to use as images, and then save all slides as a JPG or PNG. Other times I have a slide deck that I use to create featured images for blog posts, and I only want to save the latest slide as an image. If you want to save just one slide as an image, click on that slide before saving as an image. 


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